Available aircraft flying to TC "Bukovel"

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Available aircraft flying to TC "Bukovel"



Glad to inform, that our applications available to airline flight TK "Bukovel" will continue in the winter season 2015-2016.

Flights to Ivano-Frankivsk will be made of Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv, Dnipropetrovsk and Moscow between 25.12.2015 p. to 20.03.2016 p.

In turn, the airport "Ivano-Frankivsk" in TC "Bukovel" will run bus charters.

More check prices.

pay attention! Self-booking on-line service provides higher discount compared to booking through the hotel manager.

The more prior to arrival, the smaller discount. Only to 31 August discount airline 30%!

Book now!

Payment for (including)Discount % when booking through the officeDiscount % when booking on-line
30 days915
30-60 days1520
More 60 days2025
To 31.08.20152530

*Airport to the resort surcharge. Before Departure customer can book as a group and as individual transfer, or even abandon it.

Country "Bukovel" welcomes you.

Airport flight schedule for the season IFO 15-16, from 25.12.2015 p. by 20.03.2016 p.

DayDEPARRFlyRace №
Monday8:009:35Dnepropetrovsk DNK-IFOZ6 201
Monday9:3010:55KBP-IFO KyivZ6 053
Monday10:5510:35IFO-VIE ViennaZ6 663
Monday11:5510:55VIE-IFO DestinationsZ6 664
Monday15:1016:50IFO-HRK KharkovZ6 375
Monday17:5019:50HRK-IFO KharkivZ6 376
Monday18:1019:35IFO-ODSZ6 402
Monday20:2521:45ODS-IFOZ6 401
Monday20:4522:30IFO-DNK DnepropetrovskZ6 202
Monday22:400:10IFO-KBP KyivZ6 052
Wednesday9:1010:55Dnepropetrovsk DNK-IFOZ6 201
Wednesday18:2020:00IFO-DNK DnepropetrovskZ6 202
Friday8:009:35Dnepropetrovsk DNK-IFOZ6 201
Friday9:3010:55KBP-IFO KyivZ6 053
Friday10:3510:55IFO-VIE ViennaZ6 663
Friday11:5514:15VIE-IFO DestinationsZ6 664
Friday15:1016:50IFO-HRK KharkovZ6 375
Friday17:5019:50HRK-IFO KharkivZ6 376
Friday18:1019:35IFO-ODSZ6 402
Friday20:2521:45ODS-IFOZ6 401
Friday20:4522:30IFO-DNK DnepropetrovskZ6 202
Friday21:0022:30IFO-KBP KyivZ6 052
Sunday9:3010:55KBP-IFO KyivZ6 053
Sunday15:3517:15Dnepropetrovsk DNK-IFOZ6 201
Sunday18:1519:55IFO-DNK DnepropetrovskZ6 202
Sunday18:2019:40IFO-KBP KyivZ6 052

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