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Frequently asked questions

1How can I get in Bukovel?
Bus or train you have to go to Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Chernivtsi or Lviv. Ivano-Frankivsk - TC "Bukovel" - 110 км Львов - TC "Bukovel" - 245 км Тернополь - TC "Bukovel" - 250 км Черновцы - TC "Bukovel" - 160 км Собственным транспортом Собственным траспортом с других городов Вам необходимо ехать в Ивано-Франковск (except Chernivtsi and Uzhhorod). In Ivano-Frankovska to TK "Bukovel" (110 km) through cities Nadvirna, Yaremche, village Mykulychin, Tatars. The territory of TC "Bukovel" Free car parking. Самолетом Самолетом Вам необходимо лететь в Ивано-Франковск или Львов Ивано-Франковськ - TC "Bukovel" - 110 км Львов - TC "Bukovel" - 245 km
2Rules on the cable car
1.Improper behavior passenger ropeway may cause an accident. If an employee noticed the road misconduct passenger ropeway, he has the right to make their observations, and if necessary, stop and ban violators way to use it (zablokuvati ski pass). Toll in this case does not return. 2. Before boarding area, passengers lined up in columns according to the number of seats in the chair. Children take place with external parties chairs. 3. To prevent injury to yourself and other passengers skiers must remove the hand strap of ski sticks and keep the two middle stick in one hand. 4. Landing in a chair and landing is only in these places and only stations in the presence of the assistant station. In the area of ​​passenger boarding is so, to the seat, approaching, was just behind him and sits down in a chair only, when it touches him. Planting and ziskakuvannya of seats on the prohibited line. 5.After landing in the passenger seat must close the safety curve (locking bar) chair when the chair down from the landing pad. If the drop personal items off the attempt to seat on landing or on line. If something fell, note the number next support, then navigate, and inform staff PPKD. Approaching the station or the landing pad, Passenger safety should open arc (locking bar) chair and get ready for landing, making sure, his ski equipment, backpack, waist bag, clothes do not cling to the chair and the details will not prevent the landing. 6. When disembarking of passengers seats, sitting to the right of the axis movement quickly go right, and left - left. Then you must pass the chair and quickly release the site for planting, moving to the exit. Clusters of passengers on embarkation and disembarkation areas prohibited. Skiers with skis on their feet during the landing just move straight on old vykatu, without changing direction to leave the station. 7.prohibited 7.1. Travel in a chair standing, lying down or backward. 7.2. Rocking chairs. 7.3. Smoking in the chair and use of open fire. 7.4. Transportation of explosives, flammable and toxic substances. 7.5. Detour around or bypass the drive pulley. 7.6. Passage stations in bearing rope-pulling, except, especially due. 7.7. Stay on platforms outside the station areas, reserved for embarkation and disembarkation. 7.8. Embarkation and disembarkation areas outside, provided project. 7.9. Travel in chairs without closed curves safety (locking lever). 7.10. Transportation of animals on seats cableway. 7.11. Transport bulky luggage items and more, than 15 kg per person. 7.12. Deploy skis perpendicular or at extreme angles to the direction of the cable car. 7.13. Jump down from the chair on the line. 7.14. Intentionally spoil the ropeway equipment. 7.15. Directions drunk, and under the influence of drugs. 7.16. Travel in dirty clothes. 7.17 Planting improvised and made "artisanal" by means (snoubayki, sledges etc.). 8. In case of an emergency stop cable car passengers have to wait for recovery of movement or act only on instructions of the cable car, not trying to leave the chair on their own. 9. All claims of passengers (including the attendants) should be treated shift supervisor or head the ropeway.
3Basic safety requirements stay on the slopes
WARNING! Dear campers to improve safety on the slopes and extracts, ADMINISTRATION TC "Bukovel" WILL BE harsh methods to influence violators SO: 1.Choose slopes according to the level of your training! 2. Use Helmet! In the rental point TC "Bukovel", helmets are free (but in addition to rent a set of skis or a snowboard komlektu) !!! 3. BEGINNERS - strictly forbidden to leave the red and black slopes! 4. It is strictly forbidden to leave the slopes drunk! 5. It is strictly forbidden to move randomly with uncontrolled speed! Use the services of qualified instructors! 6.It is strictly forbidden to travel on closed slopes for fencing mesh ,prohibitive signs! 7. Do not use for skiing and self made "artisanal" by means of (snoubayki, sledges etc.). 8.Learn and follow the rules of conduct on the slopes and lifts are located on the information boards (WARNING! IMPORTANT INFORMATION) and on our website! Також радимо ознайомитись із детальними правилами поведінки на схилах Не будьте байдужими до власної безпеки та безпеки оточуючих! Violation of these requirements will be blocked passes! We look forward to your support and understanding and wish you a safe and comfortable stay!
4The balance of the subscription
5Where ische addition to a hotel in Bukovel can spend time?
Entertaining center "Buka" invites everyone to experience the true spirit of entertainment. Fans of club life will be amazed dance hall, which have not seen the Carpathians - 3000 m2 of the most modern sound and light. Professional DJs, inflammatory pi-Jake, various theme parties are creating an explosive mood, make holidays interesting and bright. Portia gaming excitement and adrenaline easy you can get, using entertainment, offered "Buka": bowling - Town Hall 5 tracks, each of which has its own sitting area fans; billiards (Russian and American) - placed 8 tables in the hall about 200 m2; 16 machines and entertainment 3 machines for playing air hockey; Visit "Buki" and zaryaditsya positive emotions and sunny mood!
6Where you can leave your car in Bukovel?
In our hotel there is free parking.
7Where can I stay in Bukovel
You can follow any responses to stay with us. Villa «Milli & Jon» offers you 29 rooms, to accommodate tourists, private travelers and business people, coming to Bukovel. 3 Junior Suite and 2 Suite, each of which is beautifully decorated, in modern style, where you can really feel the comfort of home. Ideal for long-staying guests or families, who need extra space. The villa offers comfortable, comfortable, equipped for rest and productive work, and please you with remarkable European and Ukrainian home cooking.
8Where to rent skis in Bukovel
At the rental Bukovel resort has ski and snowboard three categories: first class, middle and base (or A, B and C). As for children's skis, they are divided into two classes: top and base. The cost of rental of equipment depends on its category - it should be noted, that in any case the prices Bukovel not "wrings". Each of the kits for free enclosed protective helmet.
9Raspisanie marshutok of Bukovelь

How to get there

By bus or train You have to arrive to Ivano-Frankivsk, Ternopil, Chernivtsi or Lviv.
  • Ivano-Frankivsk - TC "Bukovel" - 110 km.
  • Lviv - TC "Bukovel" - 245km.
  • Ternopil - TC "Bukovel" - 250 km.
  • Chernovtsy - TC "Bukovel" - 160 km.
Own transport Own all the cities of Transport of Ukraine you must get to Ivano-Frankivsk (except Chernivtsi and Uzhgorod). Leaving from Ivano-Frankivsk to TC "Bukovel" (110 km) , pass through the city Nadvirna, Yaremche, village: Mikulichin, Tatar. In the TC "Bukovel" free parking. Gps-coordinates resort. 48.346438, 24.445438 WARNING! Verify these coordinates with those who chose your navigator. In Ivano-Frankivsk region two settlements called Polyanytsya (Palyanitsa). By air Neohidno plane you fly to Ivano-Frankivsk or Lviv Flight marshutnyh bus Ivano-Frankivsk Bukovel.
name of route Departure from Ivano-Frankivsk Arrival at TC "Bukovel" Departure from TC "Bukovel" Arrival in Ivano-Frankivsk
Ivano-Frankivsk Polyanytsya 5:20 7:50 8:10 10:45
Ivano-Frankivsk Polyanytsya 6:15 8:45 9:05 11:35
Ivano-Frankivsk Bukovel 7:30 10:00 11:15 13:45
Ivano-Frankivsk Polyanytsya 8:00 10:30 11:50 14:35
Ivano-Frankivsk Polyanytsya 9:25 12:00 13:30 15:55
Ivano-Frankivsk Polyanytsya 10:15 12:45 12:55 15:30
Ivano-Frankivsk Polyanytsya 12:10 14:40 15:35 18:05
Ivano-Frankivsk Polyanytsya 13:45 16:15 16:20 18:50
Ivano-Frankivsk Bukovel 14:40 17:10 17:15 19:45
Ivano-Frankivsk Polyanytsya 15:35 18:05 19:25 21.55
Ivano-Frankivsk Polyanytsya 16:15 18:45 18:55 21.25
Ivano-Frankivsk Polyanytsya 17:12 19:40 14:10 16:40
Ivano-Frankivsk Polyanytsya 17:30 19:55 6:00 8:10
Luck, Bukovel 20:10 22:05 4:00
Schedule subject to change buses, specify the schedule by phone. +38 (0342) 75-08-30 , +38 (0342) 75-08-32 .

Ivano-Frankivsk, Bukovel 2

broniruєm place in a minibus in the direction Yaremchi,Mikulichin,Tatarova,Bukovel with a train in Kiev
profit. time. min. Время стоянки мин. SEND. time. min. STOP profit. time. min. Время стоянки мин. SEND. time. min.
6.15 Ivano-Frankivsk AB 11.35
7.30 5 7.35 DELÂTIN AS 10.15 5 10.20
7.50 5 7.55 YAREMCHE AS 9.55 5 10.00
8.09 1 8.10 mykulychyn 9.39 1 9.40
8.24 1 8.25 Tatars 9.24 1 9.25
8.40 1 8.41 POLYANITSA 9.09 1 9.10
8.45 Tur.kompleks "Bukovel" 9.05
profit. time. min. Время стоянки мин. SEND. time. min. STOP profit. time. min. Время стоянки мин. SEND. time. min.
12.10 Ivano-Frankivsk AB 17.50
13.25 5 13.30 DELÂTIN AS 16.45 5 16.50
13.45 5 13.50 YAREMCHE AS 16.25 5 16.30
14.04 1 14.05 mykulychyn 16.09 1 16.10
14.19 1 14.20 Tatars 15.54 1 15.55
14.35 1 14.36 POLYANITSA 15.39 1 15.40
14.40 Tur.kompleks "Bukovel" 15.35
Book your place: (096)657-06-45 (Taras) (098)951-03-98 (Joseph)

Ivano-Frankivsk, Bukovel 3

profit. time. min. Время стоянки мин. SEND. time. min. STOP profit. time. min. Время стоянки мин. SEND. time. min.
5.20 Ivano-Frankivsk AB 10.45
6.35 5 6.40 DELÂTIN AS 9.25 5 9.30
6.55 5 7.00 YAREMCHE AS 9.05 5 9.10
7.14 1 7.15 mykulychyn 8.49 1 8.50
7.29 1 7.30 Tatars 8.34 1 8.35
7.45 1 7.46 POLYANITSA 8.14 1 8.15
7.50 Tur.kompleks "Bukovel" 8.10
profit. time. min. Время стоянки мин. SEND. time. min. STOP profit. time. min. Время стоянки мин. SEND. time. min.
13.45 Ivano-Frankivsk AB 18.55
15.00 5 15.05 DELÂTIN AS 17.35 5 17.40
15.20 5 15.25 YAREMCHE AS 17.10 10 17.20
15.39 1 15.40 mykulychyn 16.54 1 16.55
15.54 1 15.55 Tatars 16.39 1 16.40
16.10 1 16.11 POLYANITSA 16.24 1 16.25
16.15 Tur.kompleks "Bukovel" 16.20
Book your place: (097)595-31-65(Basil)