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Bicycle Rental in Milli&Jon

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Leisure lately it is becoming more common in the Carpathians. One of the most popular of its species have cycling. cycling is passing on the plots Cycling, that host general and special facilities for the cycling tour and informative nature (These include mountain biking Carpathians).
The main advantage of the value of such velopokhodov – This orientation is for new impressions on the cultural and natural attractions of the area, as well as the rejection of the deliberate complication cycle route. In particular, this contributes to the separation of such campaigns on the category of complexity, as well as the combination of sports campaign component to the cultural and cognitive. In the midst of other ways of enjoying the outdoors, bicycle rides They are in first place on the speed of movement and slowness route. The natural geoplastike, Bukovel is a great place for biking. The variety of terrain drops helps development of bike tours for beginners, as well as for seasoned fans this type of outdoor activities.
For cyclists developed a lot of interesting routes with different complexity. Some bike trails offer scenic views of Bukovel and Okolitsa (in particular the wonderful panorama of the Carpathians), while others are, create all conditions for extreme and difficult routes. In this way, Everyone can find something for everyone. therefore, We Bukovel, there is bike rental with affordable prices on rolling stock, that will satisfy your most whimsical requirements for bicycle and provide you with all necessary equipment.