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News → Winter Season 2013-2014 in TC "Bukovel". What's new?

Rent a snowmobile
Opening the winter season 2013 – 2014 on Friday 6 December.

we all look forward to the new winter season. Fortunately, not have to wait too long. Soon we all meet on the snowy slopes of "Bukovel", and yet acquaint you with the latest season 2013-2014.

This year we have increased the area for skiing 55 km and created more opportunities for recreation and teaching beginners.

  • Changed system disembarking from the ski lifts and №1R №2R, which helped to significantly alleviate the Congress of the lift and travel on the road.
  • From the top lift station 1R, especially for beginners, laid new track 1E, AKA pass Between Tras 1B, 2And 1A and makes it easy to get to the bottom lift station 1R. Route length 2380m. The slope of the road does not exceed 15%.
  • Completely rebuilt track 1C. Now, its length is 2400m. The maximum slope of the road 15%. Now beginners can easily get to the bottom station 1R avoiding complex plots.
  • From the top lift station №8 made wide and comfortable congress to 5A track and to move G, which will enable beginners to bypass difficult sections of the route 8C, 8B and lower stations easy access ski lifts №8, №15 and №11.
  • By the beginning of the season will be constructed highway 15E, which will connect the slopes 15A and 15D. Now beginners can seamlessly bypass complex land slope and easily reach the lower station of lift №15.
  • Significantly expanded the lower station of lift №5. Extended lower part of the track 5A.
  • Rebuilt №8 top of the lift and made comfortable to rally route 5A.

SYSTEM snowing slopes and water treatment
Systems snowing slopes

In the winter season 2013-2014 we have significantly improved the system of artificial snowing slopes. The new accumulating lake and a new compressor station, under favorable weather conditions, most of the slopes of the resort osnizhyty we can own in a few days. These technological capability ensures rapid onset of the season and a long ski season, until the May holidays. Separately want to note, already this season, will start operating complex treatment plants with a design capacity of processing 4000 cube. per day. TC "Bukovel" has long been working with the utmost diligence to the use of natural resources. Now hotels in the region will join the modern system of sewage treatment plants. This facility will be another contribution to our region's ecological purity.

This season we additionally acquired 30 stationary and 14 mobile snow cannons company «Technoalpin» , 20 snow cannons company «Mainiege» and 5 snegotrambovochnoy Leitwolf new machines from the company «Prinoth». This will enable us to further improve the quality of the snow cover in the resort.
rental equipment

This season and renew equipment hire. Already this season, at your service 300 sets of skis «Fisher» XTR-Sportster , 100 snowboard «Salomon» Drift Rocker and Puls, 100 snowboard «Rossignol» Angus Amptek, and 50 pairs of skates «Graf». remind, that only high-quality rental equipment is the key to safe driving.
Lizhna school

TC "Bukovel" not only promotes ski vacation, but by all means tries pryvyvaty skating culture and understanding of personal responsibility for behavior on slopes. Already become traditional program of free training from TC "Bukovel" and ski school. This season will continue the practice of free learning skiing and snowboarding. Writing to free lessons will be carried out by prior appointment. Watch for information on our website.
Safety on the slopes

Much attention was paid to safety on the slopes. In addition to existing remedies we acquired 4 km. fencing and nets 2 km. Interception grid.

Parkings have become a kind of infrastructure of the resort. This season is undergoing significant changes covered parking №1. In addition to the existing services on the parking №1 such as cash, equipment hire, lizhna school, Bank branch, sports equipment shop, gift shop, cafe, supermarket, information center, will be available two services: automotive car wash and tire-mounting. Above all present parking will be free. Recall, that this season thanks to the development of new routes for extraction №1 now it ideal for skiing beginners.

For other parking (indoor parking №2, open parking near 7 lift and parking near the lift №14) how last season they will pay. The cost of parking 20 uah. day, depending on the category of vehicle. Another is free parking near the lift №15. Recall, that charge car-parking has been introduced to streamline traffic flow and uniform load on the infrastructure of resort.
WITH 17:00 and up 06:59 All car parks are free resort. A special pleasure it will be for guests entertainment center "Buka", that every night for them hospitably opens its doors on the first floor parking №2.

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