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Campaign "All At Once"

The final stage of the World Cup Freestyle. FIS.
Action “Morning 2013-2014”

"All At Once" – best offer for people, who want to get the best ice at the minimum price. Buy tickets for skating under this action in September – October 2013 and save more 60%.

This action allows you to enjoy unlimited skiing pleasure from all of 120 uah. day! Just imagine, now, under this action, You can buy tickets for driving substantially less than they would cost in the season!

“All at once” season “Winter 13-14
period action 16.09 – 15.10.13
Mon. - On. “All days”, uah.
3 days 405 3 days 1065
5 days 675 5 days 1 597
10 days 1200 10 days 2 840


According subscriptions, You get to riding in two calendar periods: with 15 November to 28 December, and with 10 March and by the end of the season.

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