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The final stage of the World Cup Freestyle. FIS.

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Saturday, 23 February, in Bukovel was the final stage of the World Cup Freestyle, pleasing result for Ukraine which won the silver medal hopes Didenko.

Flights reality. The world debut of Ukraine with silver smack Saturday, 23 February, in Bukovel was the final stage of the World Cup Freestyle, nice result ...

Hope the rest of Didenko medalistok, Getty Images
This weekend Bukovel was not just the place where the final stage of the World Cup Freestyle – it generally was the first in the history of independent Ukraine experience in ski competition.

I must say, that the time of arrival freestylers in Bukovel, in the World Cup, the ski acrobatics have already exhausted all the intrigue. For this reason, ignored the obvious favorites stage. So the Ukrainian public could not enjoy the performance Xu Mentao, Hannah Carney, Lydia Lassila. But the plethora of Ukrainian delegation was freestylers, expose a lot of young talent and. The women in the start list were listed immediately seven Ukrainians, of which the most experienced stood Hope Didenko, also ordered the jump itself with the highest degree of difficulty. Also took part in the competition Olga Polyuk, last year ranked in the top ten on the World Cup ski acrobatics. Unfortunately, possible was the performance of the home stage Olga Volkova, which finished last season with a third rate among fellow acrobats.

A decent number of Ukrainians gathered in the men's grid, attracted much more attention outside the top five after six stages of the World Cup Belarusian Dmitry Dashinsky and Canadian Travis Gerrits. In addition to them, in startlist got three more representative of the current top-10 offset acrobats.

On the day of the competition in Bukovel weather set is simply perfect. The thermometer reached the mark in about 0 degrees Celsius, quite a while, and breaking this level, because although snow is melting, its mass convergence was observed. For athletes, it was the same kind of problem. Some of them at first celebrated, that goes too soft landing, because the taste cover descent tried many in multiple drops. However, worth the sun hide behind the crown of pines nearby forest, How snow on trampline and spusk zaglâncevalsâ, contributing to acceleration.

Severe test for the participants of the World Cup began with training in women. Ukrainka Nadia and Olga Didenko Polyuk immediately write their names in the favorites, performed flawlessly the first record-jumping, typing 81.27 and 81.58 points, respectively. Slipped to number 12 best and Nadia Mohnatskaya (66.56 points) and Anastasia Novosad (71.51). Really ball in training American. Emily Cook and Kylie McKinnon housed on the first two lines, Polyuk pushing into third place.

Men's qualification was more intense. Not least, for the reason, participants that it was more, and partly – that Cycled, at last, triple jump, significantly increasing the entertainment happening. Favorites List then suddenly headed Alexei Grishin of Belarus and Chinese Chao Wu, although, Looking ahead, tell, that the representative of China quite easily passed position. One of the surprises was the unconvincing performance of Belarusian Dmitry Daszynski, who had the highest position in the World Cup, all participants. Dashinsky seriously wrong when landing, nearly a ride on his back, with the result that showed only the ninth result. Next to him, in tenth position was another representative of the northern neighbor of Ukraine Maxim Gustik. Of the hosts in the same number of 12 was only the strongest predicted Alexander Abramenko, and did so with the fourth result, only eight hundredth of points conceded five in standings and third star competition Travis Gerrits. Has closed a dozen finalists Swiss Andreas Izots, Watch the latest competition jumps next to yours truly. Andreas enthusiastically took part in the drafting of the final start list and was immensely pleased to see myself on the last step of his.

The final stage of the competition were made on the evening, and it had a positive effect. If during qualifying jumps near shastali only members stage and coach, with the onset of darkness in the area of ​​competition beginning with the nearest public gather slopes. As a result,, futile exhortations day commentators have little public support such as active and participants were no longer mere words into a clean air Carpathian. The crowd greeted all freestylers, especially richly rewarding applause Ukrainian athletes. On increasing the degree of control and the emergence of evidence dignitaries, the best known of which was the head gos.sluzhby Youth and Sports Ravil Safiullin.

Match the atmosphere of celebration and performance of the participants, which have become increasingly avoid offensive downs. Traditionally been open with girls. Of 12 participants, finalists, Four strong had to play each other podium places. A candid adventure went Chinese Xu Zhichun, and Olga Polyuk, who took a high degree of difficulty jump and perform their items with a triple jump. For both it ended in failure and departure, although the girls were not the courage to refuse. Triumphed and will, who decided to play it safe. This is best managed Nadezhda Didenko, which completed the final with an excellent evaluation 91.65 points. Behind her settled Swiss and American Schaerer Mackinnon and Cook. Incredibly intense final four began with a small error just Cook landing, but their 83.89 points she confidently took, while the other girls, Though jumped clean, but this level just could not kill. The closest to an American close, to the delight of the audience, Didenko, playing their last attempt, but she did not have enough, to qualify for the Gold. And, nevertheless, Ukrainian women joy was palpable. As for the winner, she was beside herself with joy, who shared with us.

“I am very happy, just incredibly happy. All present from the very beginning was formed for me the best way, weather starting and ending with the implementation of all jumps. Yes, Sometimes it becomes difficult, but we were all on an equal footing, because I did not feel particularly moments of crisis. Ukraine is beautiful, all prepared to a very high level”, – briefly commented on his speech today the winner Emily Cook, which barely managed to pull out from the embrace of the members of her team.

No fewer emotions raged in the men's part of the program. Izots immediately set the pace for a great performance jump, followed by a soft landing. However, he was soon pushed back more seasoned competitors. Particularly distinguished David Morris. Australian set a record stage, earning 119.91 points on the element. Company in the Grand Final it made Dylan Ferguson (USA), Thomas Lambert (Switzerland) Maxim and thickets (Belarus), but another great performance figures for 112.67 left it out of reach for competitors.

“I was just at the top of happiness! Still do not understand anything, this is my first victory at the World Cup and the first time I got up to second place in the World Cup standings. Just look, is shaking hands!”, – in ecstasy, spoke about his success, David Morris.

Complete all the Carpathian action award individual awards, colors, congratulated the winners and a lot of compliments. On this feast of the big sport in Bukovel ended. Ukraine has once again proved, that it is able to host large events, and if something today and have some limitations and drawbacks, in the future they will certainly be taken into account for the benefit of smoothed the arrival of major new index. In the end,, conclusions are based on the experience, even if it is bitter, to our case that did not apply.

Results of women's competitions:

1. Emily Cook (USA) 83.89
2. Hope Didenko (Ukraine) 83.16
3. Tanja Schaerer (Switzerland) 79.75
4. Kylie McKinnon (USA) 77.42

Results of men's competitions:

1. David Morris (Australia) 112.67
2. Dylan Ferguson (USA) 105.31
3. Maxim thicket (Belarus) 94.77
4. Thomas Lambert (Switzerland) 89.50

Used photo Ilya Khokhlov,

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