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place, known today almost all countries of the world. For example, Finnish sauna for a sacred concept, place, which should always prevail harmony and peace with the body, in this place you can not sort things out, and the more fuss.

Sauna differs from the Russian bath his dry steam, that soothes your soul and refresh your tired body. Since ancient times, this place provides people with stress relief, and recuperation, lost during heavy work. The best modern ideas together with old traditions for your relaxation are offered by our sauna in Bukovel. We provide you the services of its lease.

Today and guests Bukovel, can enjoy our sauna - a great place, where you have the opportunity to relax by yourself or with your friends, celebrate an important event for you, or just get pleasure from the pleasant and useful procedures.

In the sauna you can order a cooked tea useful herbs, to refresh and tone your body. For sale we have brooms, which include herbs, Also here you can buy slippers, that will make even more comfortable pastime of this institution.

Sauna Bukovel always remains fashionable and popular, and she is always being improved to, to fully meet your needs and requirements. In our time, we want to get as good results with the lowest elapsed time. This is exactly what we guarantee to you.

Our sauna is the right ideal, that will provide the best care for your health, well-being, and appearance, it does not take a lot of time. During the "hot" procedure, under the influence of dry air, having a temperature of about 90 ° C, your body will be in a favorable, although quite unusual circumstances.

At this time, the body starts to sweat heavily, for, to reduce the temperature difference, while transporting a lot of fluid to cool the skin. This process is perfectly cleanses, and removes waste, contaminating the entire body.

A recent study, we learn, that toxins and heavy metals, that come out of the body during such procedures, equal in number to those, who would come out of you as a result of a very long and fairly strenuous work. Our sauna in Bukovel offers you health and very effective result in comfort and without severe muscle loads.

Visit us, and you will not regret. If you arrive by car, For convenience, we have free, guarded parking lot, where you can not worry about the safety of your car. On the grounds of the hotel has a restaurant, which among other things, Beer on tap.

Sauna, you can book for free.

Unit Stake 400 For children working skiing schools and instructors. 500 For children working skiing schools and instructors. Capacity up to 6 person.