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Olympics and Bukovel

The weather in Polanica (Bukovel)

In TC "Bukovel" train future participants Winter Olympics 2014 year, which will be held in Sochi. In particular, full sports resort base uses ivanofrankovets Sergey Cimili - repeated participant of national and international competitions. He is the only athlete in Ukraine, which won the right to defend the country at the World Championships and the World Cup. Especially for him in "Bukovel" this year built a summer springboard. Two years ago a tourist complex built in Ukraine a single track for the Olympic discipline "mogul". For this, Ski Resort Guide, allocated a separate slope, snowmaking equipment and furnishing.

"For several years, there were no conditions for full training. true, Vorokhta is a complex of ski jumps, which trained athletes, preparing for competitions, however, it is practically impossible to use them: they are in need of renovation, - says the master of sports Sergei Cimili. - With the advent of "Bukovel" I had the opportunity to train professionally and, accordingly, speak at international competitions. Now the struggle for the right to participate in the Olympic Games, which will be held in Sochi ".

His career began Sergey Cimili, working as ski instructor. In his free time on the GC "Bukovel" slopes engaged Mogul - Olympic discipline. She continues to train hard the past 4 year. Daily performs 30-40 jumping. For, to get to Sochi, Master of Sports of Ukraine should necessarily take part in international games and score more points in the World Championship and the World Cup. By the way, last competition - the second most important after the Olympics.

"In the competition I have always traveled at their own expense, partly helped "Bukovel". state, despite, that "mogul" - Olympic discipline, He did not give a penny. For Olympic LICENSE need to participate in all stages of global competition. They will be held in Finland, China, Austria, Norway, America, Canada. Only on the flight you need to spend about 15 one thousand dollars", - says Sergey.
Direct assistance in preparing for competitions Sergey Cimili and has a ski school "Bukovel". Its leader Andrew Pilleroa, watching his workouts, He has high hopes for the young athlete Ivano-Frankivsk.

– "It skier has all chances to become a member of the Olympic Winter Games, which will be held in Sochi 2014 year. TC "Bukovel" for that would do everything ", - says Andrey.

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