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Rest in Bukovel

Rest in Bukovel – euro at the spa level. Internationally eminent ski resort Bukovel is located in 110 km from Ivano Frankivsk, near the village of Polanica. In Ivano-Frankivsk can be reached by train, plane or on your car. For those living in Bukovel provides great discounts on airfare. District Bukovel – It is a magnificent mystse home with children, youth recreation or a romantic trip. In any place Bukovel has numerous comfortable hotels, pensions, sanatoriums, recreation, and private residences. Accommodation rates are based on the distance to the ski resort of Bukovel, closer than, Living so expensive.
Trails are located on the mountains of Bukovel Bukovel (1127 meters), black Kleve (1246 meters), Long (1372 meters) and a total population of slightly more 50 km. It is worth noting, Some trails have lighting for night skiing.
At the five peaks of the mountains – Longish, Bukovel, Bulchinoha, Babi Pogar and Dark Bite – is practically 50 km of ski routes of different difficulty values. Some highways are equipped with light. Work 14 lifts, among which: 1 Rope length 957 mtr, 1 trehmesny length 1100 mtr, 1 Double Chairs length 1000 mtr, 11 four lifts stretching from 652 to 1947 m. Each trace guns and lovingly maintained ratrachitsya snow grooming machines.