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If you do not know, where to spend your holidays, want to escape from city life and a lover of nature, then the best option for you - it's the Carpathians, with its beautiful mountains, ancient firs, clear mountain rivers, clear lakes and raging waterfalls. And the most popular holiday destination in the Carpathian region is Bukovel. Everybody can find a place to rest: a family with children, youth, Amateur excursions or extreme sports easily chosen a accommodation Bukovel. In every village in the region is a wide variety of hotels, recreation, sanatoriums, boarding houses and private houses. Prices for accommodation vary the distance to the ski resort of Bukovel.

Driving to Bukovel on a major highway in Ivano-Frankivsk, first city, you will encounter along the way - will be the city Yaremche. This is one of the famous resorts are in the Carpathian 62 km from Ivano-Frankivsk, on the bank of a mountain river Prut in the wooded foothills of the Carpathians. Because of its location, Yaremche considered silent, cozy and small town. Tourism Yaremche - that green tourism, biking and horseback riding, and hiking, and excursions. People come here to relax from the busy city and relax. Has two rope tows to 200m. You can also
ski on the slopes of the nearby resorts - Tatarova, Vorohty, Yablunitsa and, course, Bukovel, which is in 30 km from Yaremche. This is approximately 40 minutes by bus or 30 minutes by car. You can also arrange a transfer to any hotel. If you do not have equipment, Here you can rent it.

Continuation is Yaremche Mykulychyn - this lowland Carpathian resort, which is also located in the valley of the River Prut. The village has a wide selection of saunas, bars, billiard and pool. Mykulychyn attracts with its mild climate, forests, mountains, the river and the mountain air - all this is perfect for a family holiday.
Here you can enjoy a lot of hiking and trekking to pick berries and mushrooms. Well-known ski centers - Vorokhta, Yablunitsa, Bukovel - are at a distance 10-25 km from Mykulychyn. 20 minutes by bus (shuttle buses run regularly) - And you are already in a whirlwind ski life.

Passing 10 km from Mykulychyn, from different sides of the road you will see a variety of houses, Hotel, homes. The Tatars. There are shops in the village and, and cafes, and Restaurants, Saunas. In the evening you can visit the local theater or billiard room, day to play tennis on the existing court. In The Tatars have the opportunity to go skiing, a few kilometers from the village, there are three ski jumping, one of which is for children. Work with slopes and lifts. A, moreover, located very close to the route more famous ski resorts, such as Bukovel, Vorokhta or Yablunitsa. It is also convenient, that the resort to Tatariv Bukovelska lift 15 kilometers, and to lift all Vorohty 10. But extreme sports - is not the only form of recreation in Tatarov.
Green Tourism in unique locations in the region, plucking, fishing village do no less attractive and summer.

Turning from Tatarova left and drive 10km, You will be taken to Vorokhta. In the village there are shops, branch of a bank, ATM, mail, Restaurants, Café kolyby, rentals of ski equipment, souvenir shops, market.

In Vorokhta have single chair lift up 2 km, elevation 270 m, two 200-meter lift height difference 75 m, designed for ski jumper, chair lift and ski lifts. At the hostel “Vanguard” there is 5 kickers with ceramic and plastic coating – height 40, 70, 90 meters.

Vorokhta - it is a favorite place for freeriders - fans of extreme sports.
After all, with Vorohty begins the ascent of the highest mountain of Ukraine – Hoverla.
No lifts Hoverla, and each, Who wants to visit her, should be ready for a strong enough physical exercise, as when lifting, and the descent.

You can also go to the nearest ski resort Bukovel, which is in 25 km from the village.

Spring, summer and fall in Vorokhta best conditions for green tourism: hiking, picking mushrooms and berries, excursions.

If you go straight on the road from Tatarova, then after 6 km will take you to s.Yablunitsa. The village is located on both sides of the road. Convenient geographic location, extraordinary beauty of nature, convenient hillsides attract tourists not only from all over Ukraine, and abroad.

The resort has all the conditions for the development of ski tourism. Lifts are three mountains: ski lifts and on g.Mikulinka g.Dol, length 900, 860 and 400 meters, and the rope tow on Mr. Goat, length 500 meters. Gentle slopes evenly, and the mountains are places to rent equipment. Topics, first-time skiing, help qualified instructors. You can also go skiing in Bukovel, to him from all Yablunitsa 9 km.
But lovers of excursions also will not miss, they have the unique opportunity to learn more about the history and culture of the region or enjoy extraordinary views and clean air to breathe real, up the mountain one of the tourist routes.

Following on the track, through 8 km will take you to village Polanica. Village intensively, there is a large range of services: cafe, Bars, sauna; rental of ski equipment. A resort Bukovel ski lifts can be reached within a 20 minute.

And, at last, After passing the last kilometer, You find yourself in the largest and most popular ski resort in Ukraine - Bukovel. Development of infrastructures, a large number of trails and good resort meets the best ski resorts in Europe, and yield to the other ski resorts in Ukraine.
Bukovel incredibly developed infrastructure. It has everything, so that you can relax in comfort: shops; cafes, bars, restaurants, калыб; variety of hotels and cottages, which assures a comfortable stay during your holiday Bukovel; entertainment center "Buka"; souvenir shops and markets; 14 Ski equipment and, course, podʺëmniki.
One rope, length 957 meters, Triple one length 1100 m, one long dvukreselmny 1000 m, 11 Quads in length 652 to 1947 m. The total length of tracks is 50 km, and the longest descent - 2100 meters.
Book accommodation Bukovel better to, Then you are more likely to rent a house near the ski lifts.
All the tracks are equipped with snow cannons, they even included, when a lot of snow, to "zapylit" baring the slopes. Snowmobiles work regularly. By early morning skiing on the main road you will find a smooth descent. Trails highlights, there is night skiing.

If you do not know how to ski, but want to learn, it for you in a special ski school is located with qualified instructors. Or use the lifts, them here 2, just enjoying the beauty of mountains. Located near each elevator feeding stations with national kitchen and convenient parking. And there is always staffed by emergency.

But you can go not only to ski. There is also a snowmobile rentals, elektroskuterov, snoubaykov, rink.

Younger guests will not be bored here. In the lower part of the route is set 2 small children's lift with children's playgrounds, The resort has a special children's ski school, kindergarten, where you will be able to leave their children under the care of nurses.

Bukovel is 110 km from Ivano-Frankivsk. To Ivano-Frankivsk, and can be reached by train, by plane or by car. For hotel in Bukovel granted great discounts on flights to Ivano-Frankivsk.

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